SFFS 25/07/2015

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Hi all. This week I’m sharing again from Earth Alpha, my scifi short. So I’ll let you dive straight in. For reference, a klaxon just went off in the transport from Earth.

Preparing for docking. Please take a seat and fasten your seat belts.

Sabina rolled her eyes. Was it a signal of the decay of humanity that the voice was computer-generated, and unrealistic? All the seats had, from what she’d seen on embarkation, long since been removed from the transport, leaving what was left of humanity to the hazardous mercies of untreated metal.

The craft shook as it coupled noisily with the space station, the clangs reverberating through the hull and their eardrums. Quite a few shouts went up around her as heads collided and body parts were grabbed onto randomly, as people clung to what they could to remain upright.

You have arrived on Hope. Have a safe journey.

Almost as one, the pack of humanity surged forward, only to be caught by the airlock. Only one person could exit at a time. Sabina sighed. She would rather be out in one piece, thank you very much. She prayed to whatever gods there were that people would see sense and take this slowly and orderly. She stood silently, burying her mind in thoughts of better places.

And there you have it.

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SFFS 18/07/2015

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Good day all! This week I’m sharing the next excerpt from Earth Alpha. Just before this snippet begins, Sabina is thinking about the colony ships that have left Earth for Earth Beta, one ship a month for the last ten years. Just to give you a context to the first paragraph below.

She could only attempt to imagine the vast quantities of minerals required, nevermind the manpower needed, to build each one. In her forty years she had never met a single soul who had worked on the colony ships, and yet there must have been thousands, if not millions, over the years.

The planet was dying. It was just as well, she reasoned, that they were all leaving. They, at least would have a chance to survive.

She checked her wrist. The numerals shining through her skin from the embedded patch advised her they had been travelling for two hours now. They should be docking with the space station soon.

No sooner had she formed the thought than a klaxon went off, causing everyone to jump. She stifled a laugh behind a hand.

And there you have it.

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SFFS 11/07/2015

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Hi all! Great to be back with the SFFS crowd this week. And this week I’m finally sharing the second snippet from Earth Alpha, a short story I wrote a while back. If you recall, it’s about a young lady on the last transport leaving Earth for Earth Beta. As this snippet begins, she recalls that Earth is empty.

Her eyes pricked with unshed tears, and a lump formed in her throat. There wasn’t a single human being down there any longer. She closed her eyes against the crowd and sought memories packed in deep. Memories of blue skies, green grass and clean air. Memories that came from vids. In her lifetime, all there had been was gray and cloud. She had never seen a blade of grass, a plant or a bird.

They had been packed in like cattle being sent for slaughter; no personal effects were permitted. Not that most people had much at any rate. All they each had was a promise. Life would be better on Earth Beta. After they had travelled for ten years to get there, that was. Thankfully those ten years would be in stasis, so none of them would have aged, and none of them would remember it either. The first colony ship had arrived there a month ago, and one had left every month for the last ten years. It puzzled her; where had Earth found the materials to build the colony ships?

So there you have it. Yes, I know a few more questions than answers thus far.

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SFFS 19/06/2015

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Greetings all!

I’ve decided to share from a short called Earth Alpha this week. Over time I will post it in its entirety, I hope. It isn’t all that long – probably because it’s first draft, really. So here goes.

Sabina struggled to breath against the crush of humanity that surrounded her. She was relieved for her steel-toed boots – if it weren’t for them, her toes would have been mush by now with all the trampling. People had even stopped apologising when toes got stepped on, it was that bad. She pulled her heavy great coat closer around her. Even with the body warmth emanating from those around her, she was shivering with cold. She had already caught a few envious glances from people eyeing her coat.

This, the final transport leaving Earth. Even the space port officials were on it. Earth was now empty.

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SFFS 13/06/2015

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Hi all! Welcome back to a new edition of SFFS! Great to have you drop in.

This week we’re back on board the Nuren, and we’ll find out just what Frelix gave Terren to drink last week. So here goes, your snippet from Takeover Bid.

Once the cool liquid had hit his tongue, he took a big gulp. Restor Black, developed on a planet on the edges of the Restor Nebula, and one of the best drinks in the galaxy – in his opinion, of course.

He raised his glass to Frelix. “You always know.”

Frelix shrugged. “Just doing my job.”

Terren clapped Frelix on the shoulder. “Don’t underestimate yourself, my friend. You’re one of the best. And I should know.” Yeah. He’d travelled the galaxy enough to know where to head for and what to avoid.

Before Terren could take another draught of the Black, his meal arrived. Roasted Braythi duck with greens and roasted roots. His mouth began watering at the aromas assaulting him.


And there you have it. Good old Restor Black :-)

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SFFS 06/06/2015

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Hi everyone! Great to have you all back again this week.

This week we rejoin Terren and Frelix on board the Nuren. Terren has just told Frelix that there is a problem with one of his mines, Matrox Deep. And in case you’re thinking Terren’s exaggerating about fireballs, the stuff he mines, thalladium, is extremely dangerous, and explosive….

He shook his head. Frelix’s eyes were on him, sympathy shining through. He understood how vital Matrox Deep was. “By rights, the planet should have gone up in a fireball. But…” he frowned, struggling to put words to what he’d been told, “the report I received must have been days old, and they said the explosion was contained.” He looked at Frelix. “I just don’t get it. What’s stopping it? Why hasn’t the system been wiped out?”

“Well, I daresay you’ll find out if you’re headed out thataways,” Frelix muttered. “Don’t look so distressed, m’lad. You’re here onboard the Nuren, moving ever closer, and what more could you ask for than a good pint of Frelix’s best to get up and going eh?”

Terren had to smother a grin as the drinks arrived. Frelix had to have eyes in the back of his head, the way he kept predicting the arrival of drinks. Or some damn fine nostrils. Either way, he picked up the pint that had been placed in front of him and tasted it gingerly.

There you have it. I wonder what Frelix has given him this time, lol!

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