Why I don’t do Book Clubs.

I love the idea of book clubs. Honestly, I do. I think it’s a wonderful thing to read a book at the same time as other people, and then be able to chat about it. So, why aren’t I a member of a book club?

Several reasons, really.

1. The necessity of purchasing a book if not already owned. Don’t get me wrong, I would love it if I owned a library. However, I have a family, and money gets spent on other things – and space gets used by other things too. So why can’t I use a library: firstly, the book may not be available on time, and secondly, since I began to rack up library fines as a late teen (after being an avid library-user as a pre-teen and teen), I don’t use libraries much.

2. Interpretation of reading materials. This is a throw-back from school. I disliked the sexual nuances my English teachers gave to just about everything we read. I prefer to just be able to read something for the beauty of what’s there, and to not always be delving deep into meanings and hidden agendas.

3. Resistance to being told what to read. I would like to choose my own stories, thank you very much. I am a pretty eclectic reader, although my latest genres are romance, science fiction romance, space opera and straight science fiction, with a few fantasy stories thrown in here and there. Nevertheless, I have made choices to not read certain books, and I’d like to be able to stick to those.

So there you have it.

Does anyone else have likes or dislikes about book clubs?


One thought on “Why I don’t do Book Clubs.

  1. –Just had book club today and I never look forward to it. This club is over ten years old and it did not actually start out as a typical book club. It was simply three English teachers who wanted to keep up with the classics we were teaching in class.

    We started off with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hamlet, and then Lolita. We would get together and have really good chats about these books and at the same time–we were getting something done for class! Then one of us invited someone new. (without checking in with each other) Shebang! the whole dynamic changed and within three more gatherings we were reading Oprah books. THEN, after about two years the two original founding members
    moved–one to teach in Minneapolis and the other retired to Colorado.

    I started to become more juvenile in my feelings about this club as it grew in number. By year six the club had grown to ten ladies. At some point I let them know that I simply did not have time to read the titles because of the reading I had to keep on top of in my teaching. Feelings were hurt but “Whew!” I was finally out of it. Yet, invariably I will get emails inviting me like I never officially quit and so I go to a couple a year.

    Quite simply, I like the freedom to choose. There are so many books and such little time and like you, I do not wish to spend money on a book that I “have to read.”

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