SFFS 01/06/2013 – Takeover Bid

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Greetings SFFS peeps!

Apologies for shifting you all over to this other blog of mine, but I’ve decided to make the other blog dormant now. For those who want to catch up on how we got here (to this snippet), you can check out the previous three snippets here.

This week we take up the story where we left off at the end of last week. So the open sentences are describing the full-wall projection screens in Cam’s psi gym.

He could choose whatever texture, colour or view – static or moving – he wanted. The current view was of the Nasreen cornfields on a sunny day, a gentle breeze stroking the stalks into motion. Memories of a childhood vacation with his now-deceased parents. He decided to keep it that way for now. The room was also a dead zone: no communications were permitted, unless top priority.

Electing to meditate first, Cam lay down on the floor on his back and closed his eyes. He slowed and deepened his breathing, feeling his body relax as he did so. Then he began the process of uncluttering his mind. He had long ago created a visualisation routine that helped him in this exercise.

The silence was shattered by an insistent beeping.

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20 thoughts on “SFFS 01/06/2013 – Takeover Bid

  1. It’s always the beeping that interrupts! Errg. Amazing descriptions! It portrayed the room, his choice of visual aid, vividly!

  2. Sounds like my attempts at writing…only instead of beeping I get Angry Birds and children screaming.

    Nice descriptions! Wonderful snippet.

  3. I like the “dead” room – no outside communications. I wonder if those will become popular in the future to escape all the clutter. Hey! How’d that beeping get in there? There’s a leak in the room! Great stuff!.

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