SFFS 17/08/2013 – Fear

Good morning all! I’ve been really busy on editing jobs for the last while, but somewhere along the line I managed to do a little writing. It resulted in a little sketch that I have titled Fear. The setting is that this is a dream sequence. It is based on an actual nightmare I had about ten years ago. These are the opening lines.

Hugging the hedge like a leech, she crept along the contour of the hill to the gap where a gate would have been. Booms and thuds from the artillery fire over the brow of the next ridge reverberated through the ground. An actinic stench hung in the air, a by-product of the fighting. It stung her nose and lungs, causing her to take shallow breaths.

She reached the gap and peered around. Sharp stones dug into her knees through the thick pants she wore. It was a relief to find no one visible near the house at the top of the hill. It stood exposed, as though someone had left it behind, a decoy against the Nazis. Even the trees that had once stood guard seemed to have backed off, afraid of the coming storm. Though the hill had once been covered in green grasses, bushes and trees, in the semi-twilight it looked grey; grey as the uniforms the Nazis wore; grey as death.

I hope you enjoyed that.

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  1. I definitely enjoyed this. Some great details throughout and you paint a very vivid picture of the scene. I enjoyed the last line and grey work at the end the best.

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