SFFS 31/08/2013

Hi everyone! I’m back again this week, and I’ll continue posting from Fear. This week’s snippet continues from where we left off last week.

Precious moments passed before she felt ready to move again. Keeping low, she peered around the corner of the house. No one was in sight. She manoeuvred around the corner and crawled to the back door. She reached a weary hand up to the handle and turned it. A wave of relief crashed over her as the catch snicked open and the door creaked inwards. Cool air tumbled out of the house, along with a dank, musty smell that competed with the sulphurous haze outside.

Staying on hands and knees, she entered the house. The cold, hard flagstones were smooth in contrast to the rough ground sheโ€™d moved over outdoors. Almost like a frozen lake.

I hope you enjoyed that!

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