One talks of the Christian lifestyle as being one of obedience to God. But what, really, does that mean? I’ve been on the receiving end of an object lesson lately.

My daughter turned one back in May, and with that came the ‘looming threat’ of the MMR vaccination. I put it in those terms because that is how I felt at the time. I come from the ‘non-intervention’ side of the health industry, where vaccinations are ‘not good’. With the controversy over the MMR vaccine and it’s link to autism (which has, actually, been proven), I was… nervous isn’t the right word. Threatened? Angry? Distrustful? They all applied.

In short, let’s just say that, in my mind, I felt very threatened and protective of my daughter. After several conversations with friends, I came to the realisation that my problem was one of obedience.

You see, in the Bible we are told that there are ‘authorities’ in place in our lives. There is the head of the family – the husband (Ephesians 5:23) – and government (Romans 13:1-7). I had to make the decision – work with the authorities in my life (choose to accept their authority as being God-ordained), or go against them.

All I can say is, I chose to accept the authorities in my life, and there was only one answer: peace. Where there was turmoil, fear, anger, distrust…peace.

My daughter had her MMR vaccine six weeks ago and there hasn’t been a single side effect. For which I thank God. If there had been negative medical consequences, I would have accepted them as part of His plan. But there weren’t. And while I would not even try to say that it is because I was obedient that there were no side effects or consequences, I can definitely say that the peace I have is because I was indeed obedient.