Stranger Danger?

Back when I was somewhere between eight and ten years old, I made a mistake. It was after Museum Club the one day, and I had crossed the road from the museum to wait on the other side for my Dad to pick me up. It was a little after 5pm, and he would have been on his way home from work. As I was waiting, a car drove up, parked in front of me, and the man in the car wound the window down. He said he knew where I lived, as he lived at the top of the road from us, and would I like a lift home? I got into the car.

Now that I am a Mom, I totally understand the hiding I got as a result of that escapade!! Thankfully that man WAS honest, and he DID drop me off at home. But here’s the thing. I didn’t for one second doubt him, and it didn’t even enter into my mind that Dad would miss me if he came to pick me up and I wasn’t there. AND… I did NOT recognise him. And yes, I WAS aware of the concept of stranger danger. By the time I was thirteen I had a fully-developed sixth sense – not, I might add, enhanced by this event.

So what made me think of this incident? This link.


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