SFFS 06/09/2013


Um. Seems I caught myself off guard this week. I’d better use the word I THOUGHT I was using for this week in next month’s round of invented prose… because I had something for that, but now I have to invent something for this week. So herewith my invented piece, using the cue word ‘shades’ 🙂

The shades haunted the edges of the wood; they wouldn’t be communing with him tonight. He stared into the flickering flames, trying to digest the images he’d gleaned of their centuries-long lives. If they could be called lives… an existence in the incorporeal… would he have stayed as sane as they? Survivors of a long ago crash, they’d been abandoned to live out an agrarian existence on this planet until they all passed on. By some quirk, their souls – their shades – had become trapped in the ether of the world, and they’d roamed it’s continents, seeking release.

They seemed to find his presence of portent. It was a weighty thing, to be responsible for the… what was it? Demise? Whatever it was, they were talking to him. If nothing else, learning long dead history of the galaxy was an interesting experience.

Hope you enjoyed that!

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6 thoughts on “SFFS 06/09/2013

  1. Wow! I love the premise. You are so good at creating interesting scenarios. Nicely written, lovely imagery. I like the moodiness of this piece. Well-done!

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