SFFS 14/09/2013

Hi everyone!

This week I’m back to posting from my sketch entitled ‘Fear’. It continues straight on from where the last ‘Fear’ snippet ended. Kate has entered the dreamland farmhouse on top of the hill.

She moved through the house towards the main bedroom. If Eric hadn’t had time to retrieve it, a pistol should be in the hiding place there. So long as there was light enough…

A shower of thuds ripped into the wall to her right. Bullets. They were here! Too late!

Vital energy shot through her body and her heart renewed its rhythmic thump in her ears, throat, chest… With nowhere else to go, she dropped onto her belly and commando-crawled over to the window set in the wall that had been hit. It was the safest place, putting her out of view to any peerers, since the sill of the window was a meter off the ground.

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