SFFS 28/09/2013

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Wow, do we have a busy schedule this week! But it’s awesome to see you all back.

I’ve recently been posting from a sketch called Fear, and I thought I’d carry right on with it this week. I may not post too many more snippets from this sketch, though, as I’m itching to put it live. Still need to decide how and where I’ll be doing that.

In this snippet, Kate’s just snuck under the window ledge to hopefully keep away from any bullets that may stray indoors.

Not daring to look outside, she ransacked her brain for a safe hiding place. They would surely search the house.

… KATE …

The lounge at the far end; the windows were barred, and the door could be locked. Retracing her route back through the kitchen, and moving as fast as possible, she headed there, keeping quiet and low.

Reaching the room, she closed the door and locked it. She was safer, but she wasn’t about to enumerate her chickens. Then she turned to look around. There was a barred window in the north wall, the closely-meshed iron bars only preventing quick entry. To her dismay, the only piece of furniture was an upturned couch in the middle of the room.

Please tell me what your thoughts are, and then head over to the SFFS blog to read snippets from the other fab authors who take part in this ring!


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  1. Urgg! Don’t you just hate not having any place good to hide. That’s usually me in days gone by during childhood games of hide and seek. Yep, I always got the sucky spots. Great snippet, loved the growing tension!

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