SFFS 08/10/2013

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Good day all! It’s another week of SFFS, and a challenge to use the cue word ‘suns’. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Because of the cue word, I’m stepping away from my Fear sketch to bring you a snip (in its entirety) called Galactic Soup. And yes, I totally chose the cue word so that I could post this, lol! It’s pretty much as is. All the context I have is that the viewer is on a spaceship, and is running a pet project of his. The ‘galactic soup’ is displayed in a 3-D viewing tank. So here goes.

At that moment, I felt I was staring into a maelstrom of galactic soup. Stars exploded, dying colourfully, while others were born in the nurseries. The time lapse spun the galaxy in the tank, swirling the eddies and tides like so many fingers. As the centuries spun by, the galaxy shrank until all the suns, planets and debris were swallowed by the super-massive black hole in the centre. In a perfect universe, maybe.

Please tell me what your thoughts are, and then head over to the SFFS blog to read snippets from the other fab authors who take part in this ring!


12 thoughts on “SFFS 08/10/2013

  1. I like it! Not that I want to be eaten by a super-massive black hole, you understand… And I suspected there had to be a reason for the cue word this week – managed to sneak it into my snippet (don’t compare it with the print version…). I like the fingers swirling the galactic soup – nice image!

    • Thanks Peter. The cue words do allow for new material, you know, lol! They were meant to be a writing prompt for those who haven’t got new material 🙂 One doesn’t have to fit existing material to suit.

  2. Laurel – there are so many great things going on here – from the term galactic soup (I can’t help picture an interstellar Marx Bros), to the nurseries for stars, to the visual of this all happening in the tank. Very cool imagery throughout.

  3. It sounds beautiful. Definitely not what I expected from galactic soup. I particularly liked “swirling the eddies and tides like so many fingers”–the imagery is vivid and you’re not using any words I’d normally associate with sci-fi.

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