We can never be too busy

I was thinking about my previous blog post and chatting the topic over with some friends this morning. I felt I should mention something here: I am not someone who sits down and spends an hour praying and reading her Bible. On the contrary, I barely have the time to do so. I pray on the fly (almost literally), and Bible reading is usually relegated to somewhere after 10pm once I’m all done for the day and in bed. I have a toddler and work from home when she is in bed, so yeah, time is of the essence around here.

I’m not trying to boast. What I’m really trying to get at is that I don’t sit down to read the Word with an expectation that God will speak to me; and neither do I so-to-speak go out of my way to spend time with Him. I’ve only been reading my Bible consistently for about six months now (that is, following a reading plan of a chapter a day, sometimes less). And YET, in amongst this busyness, God has spoken to me. Nope. Not in a ‘voice I can hear’ or any such, but clearly enough through His Word or through other people (both verbally and in books I’ve read) that I’ve had to sit up and take notice.

If we are willing to listen, God will speak to us no matter how busy we are.

…not that I’m advocating being busy for the sake of being busy!


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A born and bred South African, I was educated at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, where I graduated with an Honours Degree (post-graduate) in Economics at the end of 2001. After spending several years gaining work experience in the UK, I returned to South Africa to get married. It was during the ensuing period that my pursuits of writing and editing took hold.
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