SFFS 29/11/2013

Howdy! Just thought I’d pop in this week and catch up with you all.

For those who are bewildered at this change from the blog post fare of late, I run SFFS, a blog ring for authors and writers to share snippets of their work. I participate, too, from time to time.

This week I’m sharing from a nameless WIP. All I can really say is that Verin is having a bad day. A very bad day…

This was fast becoming her least favourite day ever. Verin glared at the red lights as they winked at her from the out of the miasma that was the holographic HUD. Shields down. Meteorite hits. Navigation systems down… She kicked the panel in frustration. Oh, she hadn’t mentioned that the Angel – now a decidedly fallen Angel – was heading straight for the most unlikely planet in the system. Being, as she was, so far from the regularly frequented parts of the galaxy, information on the planet would be sketchy to say the least, and… she called up the data on the planet and skimmed it – very outdated.

Yes, it’s very first draft.

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6 thoughts on “SFFS 29/11/2013

  1. Wow – talk about jumping us right into it. Struck by a meteorite and falling fast. Calling the craft Angel, if for no other reason being able to call it a fallen Angel when it crashes, is brilliant. Really enjoyed that. Now to see what this mysterious remote planet has to offer her – see now you HAVE to post next week and keep us entertained.

    • Heh, thanks. I don’t think there was any real strategy in calling it Angel, but it worked, didn’t it. This was written some random evening when I was probably quiet tired but needing to write the images down… I’ll see what I can do next week.

  2. I agree – you can’t leave Verin in mid-crash! And I like the first line – becoming her least favourite day ever. Nice turn of phrase – gives us a good idea of Verin’s personality in one line. Great snippet!

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