Three books at the same time?

117586240241007364_UsQCouKj_cIt’s been a while since I’ve actively read several books simultaneously. About twenty years, I think. But there’s a reason for the madness. The first book of this batch that I started to read, The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder, is a paperback, and I cannot read that when holding my toddler-aged daughter. So I needed to find something on my Kindle for when my hands were tied, so to speak.

I’m rubbish at deciding which book to read next, so I went for the oldest book – a collection of fantasy stories – in my Kindle. This led me to The Little White Bird by JM Barrie. Now, while this story intrigues me, it is very slow going. Having just slogged through Little Women (the unabridged version), I’m hesitant to get stuck in the mud again, so to speak. So I’ve picked up a more intellectual book I need to read for a friend: I’m OK – You’re OK by Thomas A. Harris. A good read if you’re dealing with relational issues, by the way.

Anyway, so that’s the story of how I come to be reading three books at once. Does anyone else out there do this?


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