ADD and crafting…

Well. Writers “joke” about having a Muse who keeps feeding them tales to spin, but really, I think this applies to any craft.

I kid you not – this morning I’m busy knitting a shrug for my daughter (which, to be frank, is slow-going), and now I’ve got an idea to design something in crochet for a friend (after she’s come up with the paper design, at least), and to either knit or crochet a jacket for myself and my daughter (because it’s COLD here today).

Oh. Did I mention that I’ve already got two knitting and one crochet project in my craft bag? We won’t mention the countless story ideas I have on my computer – there’s an excuse for those: I have work to do.


Oh, and yes, I have been diagnosed with ADD previously, but I suspect this is something rather more serious…


4 thoughts on “ADD and crafting…

  1. This is a constant issue in my house (brain), too. I’m embarrassed to say how many projects I have sketched and ready to go (43) in the garden, sewing room, and garage. Joy begets joy, what can I say?

    If only we weren’t so damned talented!

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