SFFS 25/09/2014

Hi all! Sorry it took me so long to read all your snippets last week, but I squeaked in. It just completely left my mind after the weekend ended. Anyways, after the devastating ending last week, I’m sure you’re itching to find out what happens next. Well. Here goes… (leading straight on from the end of the last sentence)

A bright white light filtered through his eyelids, and he opened them in surprise. He hadn’t felt a thing. Was he already in the afterworld? Around him the blinding light swirled and cascaded as though he was in the centre of a lightning bolt, and a sinking feeling hit his stomach just as the light began to fade.

They had transported him. He didn’t have to even ask who ‘they’ were.

He found himself seated on a chair in his former captain’s ready room, facing the Admiral and the captain. The blaster was no longer in his hands. He glared at them and a leaden knot formed in the pit of his stomach, one that sent his heart rate up and pumped energy to his limbs. Anger.

They couldn’t even leave him alone to die? They threw him out with the trash, left him to rot, and then they stopped him from achieving peace?

That’s all from A Good Day to Die for this week. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading. Please continue on to the SFFS blog to see who else has left a snippet to read this week.


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  1. Peter Vialls says:

    Quite literally, for our central character, a fate worse than death. On the other hand, considering his previous history, he might be better staying alive than going to the afterlife that presumably awaits him.


  2. Another cliff hanger!


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