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Hi all! Welcome to this week’s post for SFFS. I will again be continuing to post from A Good Day to Die, leading on from where the last snippet left off. For those not up to speed, the POV character is a cyborg who’s just been stopped from committing suicide following his decommission. He has been summoned before his former captain and Admiral, and has just been given a new assignment that, amongst other things, includes being stripped of all his cyborg enhancements back down to just flesh and bones.

“Yes. One week. The doctors say muscle memory from before the implants will return before then. Report directly to sick bay.” The captain looked him in the eyes. “You do recall where that is, right?”

Only that? Only the one acknowledgement of his prior role? Maybe he should head for one of the airlocks and just finish the job they’d so rudely interrupted. It wasn’t like he felt any obligations.

“Actually,” it was the Admiral, “I think it’s best it be escorted to sick bay. It might get ideas about suiciding.”

The captain nodded, then spoke into his communicator. “Security to my ready room on the double.”

So much for that idea.

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4 thoughts on “SFFS 24/10/2014

  1. The Captain referring to his “ready room” gives me an unholy image of an evil Jean-Luc Picard. And the Admiral is smart enough to know what’s in our protagonist’s mind. I’m going to keep prompting you to post some more – I’m enjoying this and want to see where it goes.

    • I might have to try and edit out the tendency to go Star Trek :-/ It really is a workable model, that…!

      I’m not sure what answers you’re looking for here, because I’m not sure you’re going to get any for quite a while… 🙂

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