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Hi all! Welcome to my offering for this week’s round of SFFS. My snippet is again from A Good Day to Die, just a couple of sentences on from where the last snippet ended. Well, I have to give you the end of the scene somehow! So here goes.

The security detail walked in. A bunch of next-gen cyborgs.

“Take him directly to sick bay; no funny stuff.”

“Yes sir,” the one with the silver arm-band said. Two grabbed his upper arms. He growled. They dropped them like hot rocks. He would walk himself to sick bay; he wasn’t their prisoner. Yet.

They left.

So. The R2s, the much-vaunted next-gen cyborgs, were being incapacitated? That must make them feel good. A chuckle escaped his lips. That’d serve them right.

And with that, we conclude the beginning of the tale. I’m not sure where I’ll take you next, but it’ll probably be somewhere interesting.

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4 thoughts on “SFFS 08/11/2014

  1. So our hero ends up feeling a degree of amusement – maybe things aren’t as bad as he thought. Particularly as they are obviously nervous of him. I’m not sure if it was what the Admiral intended, but it seems to have boosted our protagonist’s self-esteem.

    So where to from here?

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