The Crazy Christmas Caper

The Christmas Caper

Title: The Crazy Christmas Caper
Author: Andrew Guile
Source: Amazon
Length: Novel

Christmas was always a special time in the Finny family home despite them living deep under the ocean. This year, Christmas is about to go very wrong indeed. Skinny Finny and his twin brother, Tubby wake on Christmas morning to find their parents missing. They set out to find them and to ruin Christmas in the process. Heaven help anyone who gets in their way …

Will the world famous MI5 agent, Super Spy Wobblebottom be able to stop Skinny Finny from ruining Christmas for children all around the world? Or will Skinny Finny and his ingenious inventions triumph?

The Crazy Christmas Caper is perfect for young readers of 7-12 years old who enjoy a tale that delivers suspense and laughs in equal measure. It’s also perfect for adults to read to children of younger ages. A chapter each night will send parent and child to bed with a sense of wonder and, perhaps, a grin on their face!


I picked this book up on a whim, and was rewarded with a hilarious caper – and yes, that word was well chosen in the title – following the misadventures of the world’s latest super-villain, Skinny Finny, and his brother Tubby (not quite so villainous) after the disappearance of their parents. Ruining Skinny’s Christmas is not advisable, apparently.

Guile has created this wonderfully irreverent tale, told in typically English fashion, for children (young and old, I might add) to read. It is whimsical and simple, yet completely captivating.

And as all good Christmas stories do, it ends… well, I’m not going to say.

I really enjoyed reading this one. Not quite the warm, fuzzy Christmas story, but still great fun.


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