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Hi all! Thought I’d come back for one last post before Christmas. The last few weeks have kept me out of the game, pretty much. But here I am.

My snippet this week continues straight on from the previous one, taken from A Good Day to Die. Shona, the captain of a starship, has just heard the news that a James Hamilton is the only survivor on a research station – a research station that her husband Oleyvan works on.

Shona’s skin ran cold. One survivor? Oleyvan?

“One? Double-check that.”

Shona waited for the response. She glanced over at her first officer, Tank. She could already read the worry in his eyes.

The reply came back immediately. “Sir. He confirms. ‘One. I am the only survivor.’”

The only survivor of what? What had happened on that station?

So there you go. Lots of questions raised here, I know.

Please let me know your thoughts on the above snippet. Remember, too, that I am one of a number of authors who share snippets of their work – whether rough draft (which mine is) or published copy. You can find the links to the others’ snippets here.

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    • I can honestly say at this point in time that I have no clue if we ever will. If James knows, he isn’t talking. My suspicion is that he doesn’t know either, but that’s just a hunch.

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