Introducing Sparky’s Fireplace



Hi all.

I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Sparky. He’s a pup who loves nothing better than to sit by his fireplace with his nose in a book. He recently asked me if he could share about some of the authors he meets and the books they write on my blog. He’s also interested in some other creative endeavours, so he says he might chat about something else from time to time.

So occasionally you’ll see a blog post pop up from Sparky. He’s promised to not take over my blog – else he’ll have to go and make his own elsewhere. I’m warning y’all about it now, as he says he wants to post something this coming Tuesday. He’ll be meeting with Rachel Leigh Smith, an author, then, and he wants to share some news with us.

As I share Sparky’s tastes in books and other creative endeavours, I have decided to allow him some space on here (known as Sparky’s Fireplace), as it means that I too can share about stuff that excites me.

As Sparky would say, keep your noses moist and your tails wagging!