Memories of VE Day

My Mom wrote down her memories of VE Day.

We were in Ashford in May 1945 when war was declared to be at an end. I remember the crowds in the centre of the town and the dancing and singing. I was not with the family, as far as I remember. I was just a little girl who was also swept up into the dancing. People linked arms and we were gathered into rows. I was in one of the rows. There was a band and we sang and danced ‘Knees up Mother Brown’, the Lambeth Walk and the ‘Pallais Glide’ and other stuff I do not remember but round and round we all went. It was just a huge celebration. I was not very apt but no one worried.

We went back to New Malden and there we had a street party in Montem Road. I started at Burlington Road School in the autumn of 1945, and would be seven later that year. Each child received a certificate from the King and I still have mine. It is dated the 8th June 1946. On the back is a list of important war dates. Dad added when he joined the Army and when he left, on October 15th 1945. I do not know if he came back on that date. I rather think he did not. I seem to remember that he came home the following year.

This is the certificate from King George.

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