You are Special

Over the years I’ve watched family and friends getting burned out and washed up on the shores of what we call the world. The business world. Everywhere one turns, one has to do more, get more, be more… for what? IT has made our world smaller, our lives bigger, but you know what? We were only given a certain number of hours in a day, and a certain number of years to live (though we may not know what the latter is, precisely, though three score years and ten has been quoted as a good number…). While technology is, arguably, infallible (by which I specifically mean it can run 24/7), we cannot. Give us a few days of that and we tend to fall apart. Literally.

I believe we are made, by God, to live balanced lives. Eat. Sleep. Work. Exercise. Socialise. If any of these gets out of whack, you can be pretty sure that the rest will follow. On top of this, we put pressure on ourselves, and perceived pressure, not to mention actual pressure from others. And we start to ask what the point is. We enter a tunnel, and can’t see the light.

My friends, I’ve been there. I’ve been in that tunnel, and it’s a hard place to be. Logic doesn’t exist. To my relief, I came out the other end of the tunnel – not by my own doing, it has to be said. I learned lessons. How to choose when to give of my personal time to work, and how to put my foot down. I’m still learning a few others, such as exercise, but there we go. Ultimately, though, I’ve learned that work can never be the be-all and end-all of our lives. It’s a black hole. At times, it is simply as good as pushing paper from one side of our desk to the other. We need more. We need God.

Each of you, my friends, is special to God. Whether you choose to acknowledge that or not is between you and God, not between you and me. God made each person who lives on this world, including you, and for that very reason alone, you, yes you, are special to Him. This is the reason He came down to Earth in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and died on the cross: that ALL who accept THAT one and only Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and as a result endeavour to follow His example, may be reconciled to God, and KNOW that they are special to Him.

It’s really no more complicated, or simple, than that.




About Laurel C Kriegler

A born and bred South African, I was educated at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, where I graduated with an Honours Degree (post-graduate) in Economics at the end of 2001. After spending several years gaining work experience in the UK, I returned to South Africa to get married. It was during the ensuing period that my pursuits of writing and editing took hold.
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2 Responses to You are Special

  1. Renee Ford says:

    Excellent post Laurel. So very true. We so often get tied up in knots that do us no good. It’s all about balance but it’s hard to achieve. Yes. we definitely need the Lord!


  2. Jaleta Clegg says:

    Thank you for the reminder of what really matters in life – God, family, and being a better person each day. The rest is just the means to those ends.


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