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Hi all. Great to have you drop by again this week.

Well, last week we caught a glimpse of Frelix Mantuso, Terren’s friend in Takeover Bid. I’m going to pick straight up where we left off – hopefully giving an explanation for the cryptic final sentence of the previous snippet. Please bear in mind that this MS is still effectively in draft stages.

The boy gulped, and glanced at Terren. Sheesh. Was Frelix still driving all his employees scatty with his strange ordering system? “Yes, sir,” the boy gulped again, and spun on his heel. Terren almost put out an arm to catch him as he appeared to be about to topple, but then he righted himself and sped off in the direction of the bar to order the drinks, ostensibly, and then the kitchens. A great clattering of pans followed his entrance.

Terren raised an eyebrow at Frelix, who shrugged. “Got to keep them on their toes, my man.” He grinned. “Anyway. What brings you here this fine day?”

Terren felt his face twist. “Bad news. Something busted at Matrox Deep.”

Hope that clears things up a bit. Don’t go before letting me know what you think, and then having a look here at what the rest of the authors chose to share today.

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    • Ah. I don’t mind telling. The bad news doesn’t relate to Frelix. They know enough about each other that Frelix knows what’s important to Terren. Terren owns Matrox Deep…

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