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Hi everyone! Great to have you all back again this week.

This week we rejoin Terren and Frelix on board the Nuren. Terren has just told Frelix that there is a problem with one of his mines, Matrox Deep. And in case you’re thinking Terren’s exaggerating about fireballs, the stuff he mines, thalladium, is extremely dangerous, and explosive….

He shook his head. Frelix’s eyes were on him, sympathy shining through. He understood how vital Matrox Deep was. “By rights, the planet should have gone up in a fireball. But…” he frowned, struggling to put words to what he’d been told, “the report I received must have been days old, and they said the explosion was contained.” He looked at Frelix. “I just don’t get it. What’s stopping it? Why hasn’t the system been wiped out?”

“Well, I daresay you’ll find out if you’re headed out thataways,” Frelix muttered. “Don’t look so distressed, m’lad. You’re here onboard the Nuren, moving ever closer, and what more could you ask for than a good pint of Frelix’s best to get up and going eh?”

Terren had to smother a grin as the drinks arrived. Frelix had to have eyes in the back of his head, the way he kept predicting the arrival of drinks. Or some damn fine nostrils. Either way, he picked up the pint that had been placed in front of him and tasted it gingerly.

There you have it. I wonder what Frelix has given him this time, lol!

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9 thoughts on “SFFS 06/06/2015

  1. I’m checking early since I’ll be traveling most of Saturday. Of course thallium is extremely toxic so you chose an evocative name for your explosive substance. So, you give us mysteries about the containment and about the drink?

    • Well, the drink’s just a cliff-hanger for you to lap up next week, lol!

      For clarification, I didn’t recall thallium being an element… thalladium came to me in a dream…

  2. From the way Terren tastes the pint, he either suspects it is the beer equivalent of thalladium, or else he is unsure quite what Frelix’s beer is like. Either way, an intriguing snippet – I’m looking forward to more.

  3. After a long day of mining thalladium, curl up with a pint of Felix’s Best to unwind. Felix’s Best – available wherever fine liquors are served. I’ve liked this character since I first read him – and really sharp juxaposing the two substances.

  4. Frelix seems unconcerned about the un-explosion. And I do hope there’s nothing dodgy in that drink! 🙂

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