SFFS 13/06/2015

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Hi all! Welcome back to a new edition of SFFS! Great to have you drop in.

This week we’re back on board the Nuren, and we’ll find out just what Frelix gave Terren to drink last week. So here goes, your snippet from Takeover Bid.

Once the cool liquid had hit his tongue, he took a big gulp. Restor Black, developed on a planet on the edges of the Restor Nebula, and one of the best drinks in the galaxy – in his opinion, of course.

He raised his glass to Frelix. “You always know.”

Frelix shrugged. “Just doing my job.”

Terren clapped Frelix on the shoulder. “Don’t underestimate yourself, my friend. You’re one of the best. And I should know.” Yeah. He’d travelled the galaxy enough to know where to head for and what to avoid.

Before Terren could take another draught of the Black, his meal arrived. Roasted Braythi duck with greens and roasted roots. His mouth began watering at the aromas assaulting him.


And there you have it. Good old Restor Black 🙂

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6 thoughts on “SFFS 13/06/2015

  1. He’s getting way too comfortable – favorite drink, good meal – something bad is coming his way. He’d better check his roasted root! Fun snippet.

    • He’s already got something bad coming his way – Matrox Deep… 🙂

      Yeah, I’m getting the picture I’m too nice to my characters. I just don’t quite have it in me yet to put them through the mill. Frighten them, maybe, but… actually put them through it? Not quite there yet…

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