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Hi all! Great to be back with the SFFS crowd this week. And this week I’m finally sharing the second snippet from Earth Alpha, a short story I wrote a while back. If you recall, it’s about a young lady on the last transport leaving Earth for Earth Beta. As this snippet begins, she recalls that Earth is empty.

Her eyes pricked with unshed tears, and a lump formed in her throat. There wasn’t a single human being down there any longer. She closed her eyes against the crowd and sought memories packed in deep. Memories of blue skies, green grass and clean air. Memories that came from vids. In her lifetime, all there had been was gray and cloud. She had never seen a blade of grass, a plant or a bird.

They had been packed in like cattle being sent for slaughter; no personal effects were permitted. Not that most people had much at any rate. All they each had was a promise. Life would be better on Earth Beta. After they had travelled for ten years to get there, that was. Thankfully those ten years would be in stasis, so none of them would have aged, and none of them would remember it either. The first colony ship had arrived there a month ago, and one had left every month for the last ten years. It puzzled her; where had Earth found the materials to build the colony ships?

So there you have it. Yes, I know a few more questions than answers thus far.

Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know what your thoughts on this snippet are, and then do drop by the SFFS blog to see what our other authors have shared this week.


8 thoughts on “SFFS 11/07/2015

  1. Lots of questions and deeply felt emotion. If the Earth she is leaving has no blade of grass, no plants, no birds, then perhaps she is better off away from there. The big questions are what happened and how did Earth manage to send its entire population elsewhere? I am deeply suspicious – and looking forward to the next part.

  2. It takes ten years to get there and they’ve been sending the transports for ten years…hmmmmm. I don’t like the sounds of this. Nice touch with the only luggage she has is her memories.

  3. Great snippet, and quite the interesting premise. Loved the last line too, as it leads me to think there may be a bit of mystery involved as well. Would hate to have leave all personal effects behind, though…

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