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Good day all! This week I’m sharing the next excerpt from Earth Alpha. Just before this snippet begins, Sabina is thinking about the colony ships that have left Earth for Earth Beta, one ship a month for the last ten years. Just to give you a context to the first paragraph below.

She could only attempt to imagine the vast quantities of minerals required, nevermind the manpower needed, to build each one. In her forty years she had never met a single soul who had worked on the colony ships, and yet there must have been thousands, if not millions, over the years.

The planet was dying. It was just as well, she reasoned, that they were all leaving. They, at least would have a chance to survive.

She checked her wrist. The numerals shining through her skin from the embedded patch advised her they had been travelling for two hours now. They should be docking with the space station soon.

No sooner had she formed the thought than a klaxon went off, causing everyone to jump. She stifled a laugh behind a hand.

And there you have it.

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A born and bred South African, I was educated at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, where I graduated with an Honours Degree (post-graduate) in Economics at the end of 2001. After spending several years gaining work experience in the UK, I returned to South Africa to get married. It was during the ensuing period that my pursuits of writing and editing took hold.
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7 Responses to SFFS 18/07/2015

  1. Peter Vialls says:

    I am even more suspicious about this – to borrow a phrase, I have a bad feeling about what is going on… I’m looking forward to finding out if my suspicions are correct.


  2. A slow escape – maybe?


  3. SA Check says:

    Something stinks on Earth Beta…and I like it. You’re weaving some great suspense here with the hints you’re dropping. Aliens? Corrupt Government? Public Access TV? I don’t know what’s going on but I want to read more to find out. And I think you should just set off a Klaxon intermittently throughout the story to keep us on our toes – just kidding.


  4. T. M. Hunter says:

    Very cool tech with the embedded watch/timepiece. Looking forward to more of this.


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