SFFS 25/07/2015

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Hi all. This week I’m sharing again from Earth Alpha, my scifi short. So I’ll let you dive straight in. For reference, a klaxon just went off in the transport from Earth.

Preparing for docking. Please take a seat and fasten your seat belts.

Sabina rolled her eyes. Was it a signal of the decay of humanity that the voice was computer-generated, and unrealistic? All the seats had, from what she’d seen on embarkation, long since been removed from the transport, leaving what was left of humanity to the hazardous mercies of untreated metal.

The craft shook as it coupled noisily with the space station, the clangs reverberating through the hull and their eardrums. Quite a few shouts went up around her as heads collided and body parts were grabbed onto randomly, as people clung to what they could to remain upright.

You have arrived on Hope. Have a safe journey.

Almost as one, the pack of humanity surged forward, only to be caught by the airlock. Only one person could exit at a time. Sabina sighed. She would rather be out in one piece, thank you very much. She prayed to whatever gods there were that people would see sense and take this slowly and orderly. She stood silently, burying her mind in thoughts of better places.

And there you have it.

Thanks for stopping by. Do let me know your thoughts, and don’t forget to check out the other snippets our lovely authors have made available on the main SFFS blog.


6 thoughts on “SFFS 25/07/2015

  1. Did she really think they were going to get off the transport in an orderly fashion? I have this visual of of one big block of people slamming repeatedly into the exit door. Good stuff!! Now, I’m really curious to see what’s on the other side of that door.

  2. Loving this set of snippets. Can’t wait for the full thing to be available. I, too, enjoy the random body part grabbing line…but I can only imagine what body parts were being grabbed. 🙂

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