SFFS 22/08/2015

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Hello all! I’m SO excited this week to be able to share the final part of Earth Alpha with you all! It’s been a long wait for you, I know, but here is THE END! Enjoy… maybe…

Embarkation in five minutes. Embarkation in five minutes.

Sabina edged closer to the door. Her window-gazing companion appeared to be similarly concerned, as he followed her toward to the airlock.

Doors will now open for embarkation. Departure in thirty minutes. Have a safe journey.

The airlock cycled open, and a blast of heat hit her. Beyond the metal rims of the airlock, a blazing furnace burned white hot. She retreated, cowering against the searing wave. But retreat wasn’t an option. The human crush was fully in action, and she was pushed through the lock, her eyes wide in horror.

We’ve all been lied to!

And there you have it, folks! Thanks for bearing with me up till now 🙂 I’m not sure what I’ll be bringing next week, but I’ll think of something.

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10 thoughts on “SFFS 22/08/2015

  1. I had a very nasty suspicion that something like this was coming. I was half expecting them to get into space, and then for the hatches to be opened to vacuum. Same effect – yours was more dramatic and immediate. Yes, they have been lied to – terminally. Ouch… Good story – it worked very well, with the beautiful ship in the last segment contrasting very cruelly with the savage ending.

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