Review of Hwang’s Billion Brilliant Daughters by Alice Sola Kim

18586183This was an odd story, and not one I connected with in the slightest. The narrative is disjointed, and somewhat difficult to follow. This may be deliberate, I’ll grant, to give the reader a sense of the disorientation Hwang experiences as he constantly leaps forward in time whenever he sleeps – he never knows when or where he will wake up… well, the where is given, but in terms of how the culture outside his time-travelling room will be, he never knows. He can also sleep for as short as hours/minutes, I suppose, or as long as many years.

I did like the way in which Hwang time travelled, and the glimpses of the futures he experienced were intriguing, but there was barely any information, and I didn’t get the whole thing with daughters. What’s that all about then?

2/5 rating.

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