Review of The Most Important Thing in the World by Steve Bein

18586183I’m not sure I’ve had time enough (there’s that word again…) to think about this story enough, but I can tell you it’s a good one. The protagonist, Ernie Sisco, is a cabbie. One day he picks up a fare and takes him to Harvard. The kid leaves a silver suitcase in the cab when he gets out. Ernie opens the suitcase later (knowing that what’s inside it is important to the kid), and finds a special suit inside. Experimentation teaches him that he can steal time – but that later he loses the time.

This story is a moral investigation – what will you do if you can steal time, move around while everyone else is motionless, suspended in animation? – but it ends with the cabbie and the student having a heart to heart about time stealing and relationships, and I won’t mention the rest (spoilers).

An excellent story with a new take on time travel, and I appreciated the human side too.

4/5 rating.

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  1. This one was my favorite story thus far šŸ™‚


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