Review of The Final Days by David Langford

18586183This short story really got me asking the question “What’s going to happen next?” And I cannot say that I ended it with much sense other than one of foreboding.

If you’ve ever met someone with a very, very big ego, Harman has got to be he. HE. My goodness me. The short story basically covers a televised debate in the run-up to presidential elections, a debate that is somewhat one-sided thanks to a device that can apparently tell how many “Watchers” (their nature isn’t precisely illustrated, possibly Harman himself doesn’t know, but they appear to be some kind of “out of time” entity that watch significant events) are observing a particular person. And Harman is currently garnering all the attention.

I couldn’t convince myself that things would turn out well for Harman. The impression I got was that his policies were more likely to be bulldozer-like in their implementation, and that they were not going to be favourable for the general population. I wonder what gave me that impression…

Harman, as the main character, was definitely not sympathetic. I mentioned a big ego up top, and I meant it. And last time I checked, huge pride tends to come before huge fall….

I am dubious about this story’s addition into the “ultimate treasury of time travel stories”. There isn’t really any indication that the device that counts “Watchers” is something that enables almost “television viewing” for people from another time, or even dimension. I think the time travel connection here is very flimsy.

4/5 rating

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  1. I’m back!!! 😀

    I loved the how suspenseful the story was and completely narcissistic Harman seemed. Because of that, I was expecting something much more different from the ending… I wouldn’t say the ending was bad – I think it fit, keeping with that suspense – but I would have preferred something else. And yeah, the time-travel aspect was horrible.

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