Review of Yesterday was Monday by Theodore Sturgeon

18586183I just love stories like this, with “little people” and a completely different look at life. A different look at time too.

Just imagine if our lives were a stage that someone reset every night while we were asleep. In this story Harry Wright wakes up a little too early, and finds himself on the wrong set! Wednesday, to be precise, instead of Tuesday. He discovers the world to be a pristine stage being “worn” by the various little people at work on the set, with humans like himself the “actors”.

This story did take a bit of figuring out initially. I was a bit confused by the actors and times and sets and little fellows, but eventually I figured it all out. And then it was simply delightful.

4/5 rating.

My fellow time travelling readers are:

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  1. Joachim Boaz says:

    Have you read any of Sturgeon’s other work?


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