Review of Fish Night by Joe Lansdale

18586183This story had me chuckling in parts, shaking my head in others, and hid the odd gem of sheer brilliance with words. Not strictly a time travel story, there is nevertheless time travel – after a fashion. Pretty much of a “strip yourself of things that attach you to this time and you can join another time” nature. And that’s where some of the humour comes in.

One of the gems I came across is:

The sand shifted, found new places to lie down.

I really enjoyed this short story. Vivid writing that captures the imagination, transforming one to a hot, dusty desert road… and then to a chilly, fish-filled desert night. Beware, though… there’s more than one type of fish in the sea, and they aren’t all friendly and benign – especially if you’re swimming in their waters.

4/5 rating

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