Review of Augusta Prima by Karin Tidbeck

18586183Given that this story originally appeared in Weird Tales… that’s very appropriate. For this is a bit of an odd one. Be careful where you step, though. This story’s rather casually… violent? I mean, a croquet game of which the aim is to hit a page in the face? Yeah. That kind of weird.

I quite enjoyed this short story… in a weird sort of way. Augusta, the main character, discovers a dead human in the woods and picks up a locket off his body. Turns out that the locket is a watch. And Augusta lives in a place where time doesn’t exist. Except that the watch then starts ticking.

Tidbeck’s writing is clear and vivid, setting me right into each of the scenes. While there was a certain sense of confusion while reading, that is inherent to the story and was very well facilitated. I’d be happy to pick up another story by Tidbeck if this is an example of what she writes – which it indeed is.

3/5 rating

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4 Responses to Review of Augusta Prima by Karin Tidbeck

  1. For me, the weirdness led to a bit of confusion – but I loved the ending. It was quite a zinger XD


  2. @lynnsbooks says:

    I was reading this as though the setting was a fae court (with almost an Alice in Wonderland type of feel). My thinking was that the players were very lazy and cruel, time is of no importance to them (because they’re immortal) and there was mention of changelings – but nobody else seems to have gone down that route so now I feel like a bit of maniac! It’s really interesting that we all seem to have had different visions from the read.
    I liked the story telling though and lIke you I would definitely read more by Tieback.
    Lynn 😀


    • Oh yes! I totally forgot the mention of changelings! Now one wonders just what on earth they were/are. I do recall having some questions about their presence while reading… but sheesh, the poor abused pages!


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