Tilting at Windmills

While I don’t deal with the same issues in the world immediately surrounding me, I agree with the general impetus of this post.

Pulled Pork and Prayer

Don-Quixote-Windmill-smI’ve heard that the older you get and the more you experience of life, the less bothered you are by the cause of the moment that gets everyone around you twisted up in a bunch. I appreciate the youthful zeal of tilting at windmills over the “cause du jour.” I did the same when I was a kid.

But as I’m knocking hard at 50, the things that I get worked up over aren’t the things people make memes about. They aren’t the things that hundreds of thousands of people will all chime in to boycott. The things that I get worked up over directly affect my family.

I get worked up over IEPs and teachers who don’t follow them. I get worked up over whether my kids are applying themselves to learning, or improving themselves. I get worked up over unexpected expenses and paydays that are too far…

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