Review of Traveller’s Rest by David I Masson

This was a fascinating story. In this world Masson creates, as one travels south, one travels down-time (time moves slower) while as one travels north, one travels up-time – where time moves very quickly. I loved how Masson further illustrates this by abbreviating names in the up-time latitudes down to initials, while in the south (down-time), one accesses the more complete (and very lengthy!) names of places and people. This was an excellent device, and added to the puzzle.

The story follows H, a soldier on the Frontier. He’s right near the sight-barrier, and the enemy is on the far side. Just twenty metres from his position. But he’s only there for a relatively short time – as he’s soon Relieved and must return to the South, where many years have passed since he left.

I won’t say any more about the plot, as to discuss too much more is to give it all away. But suffice it to say I really enjoyed this story. It was a puzzle to pick apart, food for thought, and all I expect from a story that investigates the concept of time. And a few other questions.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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