SFFS 09/04/2016

Welcome! It is good to have you on board for our final round of SFFS. We’ve been around for almost five years now, and it’s been a wonderful ride. Thank you to each and everyone who has participated and come along to view our snippets that we share.

This week, as is most fitting, I will share a snippet from a brand new WIP called “The Adventure” (working title). Many years ago I fell in love with a ship called MV Doulos, and have been on board her numerous times. In this story I’m trying to convey some of that love a person can have for an object – although in this case, the object is a rather large starship called Adventure! Alyson, my narrator, is in her late teens and lives on a space station currently called (unimaginatively, I think) Space City. So here goes.

She had fallen in love with the ship as a pre-schooler. The most beautiful ship in the galaxy, or so she felt, it’s ancient clean lines were etched on her memory. It had originally been built back during the Cylin War by the Republic to ferry supplies to embargoed worlds and injured soldiers and civilians to the gigantic hospital ships that had taken up locations outside the Rim. Then, at the end of the war, it had been purchased by a leisure cruise company which had totally gutted it’s war-torn hull and rebuilt it from scratch. But it’s original lines had remained. More recently she had become a trade vessel, carrying goods to contract, and supplies where needed. The current captain had a philanthropic bent, or so Sarko had said, so they ran quite a few missions supplying goods and reading materials to the less privileged colonies on the outer Rim. The history of the vessel was so romantic to her mind, and she’d been privileged to see parts of the ship the general civilian population didn’t get to see. It helped when a First Officer took to supplying information to a curious child.

Adventure hadn’t been meant to return for another four cycles, so a small part of her worried as to why it had already returned. And why hadn’t Sarko let on that they were inbound?

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Please be sure to go and read the other authors’ snippets that are available today – for the final time.

Farewell, and be blessed.

SFFS 22/08/2015

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Hello all! I’m SO excited this week to be able to share the final part of Earth Alpha with you all! It’s been a long wait for you, I know, but here is THE END! Enjoy… maybe…

Embarkation in five minutes. Embarkation in five minutes.

Sabina edged closer to the door. Her window-gazing companion appeared to be similarly concerned, as he followed her toward to the airlock.

Doors will now open for embarkation. Departure in thirty minutes. Have a safe journey.

The airlock cycled open, and a blast of heat hit her. Beyond the metal rims of the airlock, a blazing furnace burned white hot. She retreated, cowering against the searing wave. But retreat wasn’t an option. The human crush was fully in action, and she was pushed through the lock, her eyes wide in horror.

We’ve all been lied to!

And there you have it, folks! Thanks for bearing with me up till now 🙂 I’m not sure what I’ll be bringing next week, but I’ll think of something.

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SFFS 15/08/2015

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Hello all! This week I bring you the second-last instalment of Earth Alpha. It’s been a journey getting to this point, and now we’re almost done. So here goes…

When they arrived at Gate 17-alpha, Sabina found a spot near the window. Here, thankfully, she could look out into space, unhindered by strange moss-like growths, and see the colony ship just beyond the bulkhead of the space station. Her jaw dropped open; nothing could have prepared her for its size or beauty. Even in the shadow of the space station, one could see the metallic glint reflecting off it, and the parts that were lit by the sun were dazzling, so bright that they hurt her eyes – even through the protection provided by the window.

‘Amazing, isn’t it?’

Sabina glanced sharply to her left toward the speaker. He was tall and well fed; he must have worked at the space port till now. She wondered how she looked to him. She knew her hair for the straight, mousy brown it was, and she knew her body was too thin for lack of decent food. Only recently had she suffered another round of the stomach bug. To say that she was looking forward to ten years in stasis was an understatement. She swallowed her embarrassment.

‘Yes, it is lovely,’ she breathed.

Yes. A beautiful ship indeed.

Well, that’s all folks. You’ll have to come back next week to see how this story ends. In the meantime, please head over to the SFFS blog and catch the snippets my fellow authors have given us to read this week.