Review of Another Story by Ursula K. Le Guin


This short story (novella?) is also known as A Fisherman of the Inland Sea.

This story is, so far, the least liked of my reads from The Time Traveller’s Almanac. I had a relatively good idea this would be the case going in, but I decided to keep an open mind and read the whole story.

I really did like the concept of churtening – instant transportation from one place to another. The explanation and experimentation surrounding it was good, and kept my attention. I also enjoyed the story of Urashima. That said, the time travel Urashima experienced and the time travel Hideo experienced are different in nature, and one wonders why he felt he had to relate the story of Urashima, given the differences.

I struggled when it came to Hideo’s explanation of the culture he grew up in. It felt gratuitous, and I really didn’t feel it was necessary to the working out of the story. By all means, describe the society some, the area, but in so much detail? I’m not convinced it’s necessary.

So bit of a mixed bag, but overall not a story I can say I enjoyed to read.

2/5 stars

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