Review of Alexia and Graham Bell by Rosaleen Love

18586183This discussion is likely to be all spoilerific.

I found this story a little difficult to follow. A bit too technical. What it appears to be is that the telephone wasn’t invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the past, but a more recent Graham Bell, brother of Alexia, the narrator. When he invents it, it rapidly takes over the world. The discussion used is that all communications are monitored by censors, and that the telephone bypasses the censors, so it’s like a group of rebels get onto the bandwagon. But the ingenious “time travel” concept is that, because telephones bring people closer together (negate distance, effectively), one messes with time, contracting it. So that time expands the more telephones are used.

At least, I think so. I dunno. A little confusing, and I sortof finished reading it scratching my head some. It was like I had a half-grasp on the wisps of what she was trying to get at with the distance/time thing, and then they just vanished in the morning sunshine.

2/5 rating.

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2 Responses to Review of Alexia and Graham Bell by Rosaleen Love

  1. I was confused too because I was trying to figure out how a phone made time travel possible, but the reason behind – how it brought people close together and made time flyby – I thought very clever, and I did like it a lot.


  2. I thought of it not in technical terms but in poetic terms: how does technology make us feel like we are losing time? And I thought it was BRILLIANT! But I actually read it twice to get there because I didn’t read it like that the first time. 🙂


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